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March Update

Hello friends!

I haven’t had the chance to do a news post since launching the site, because I’ve been so busy writing other stuff. All that’s progressing. So what’s new?

Well, everything, I suppose. I launched the site here about a month ago, and I haven’t had the chance to add much to it since turning it on. That’s about to change.

I’ve been busy writing The Mechanics of Fiction Writing, which I’m thinking is a bit more than halfway complete now. I’ve finished the Plot and Narration sections, which were the two big ones. As soon as I have a chance to edit the new section, I’ll post a couple chapter excerpts, probably both here and on Medium, where I’ve just begun to post. I’m thinking of making it a regular thing, both for writing and for commentary on stories.

My latest article, which I posted just today is about the narrative structure and content of Game of Thrones, which you can read on Medium (please do). It’s long, but I think it does a thorough job of explaining the narrative pull that has led to the show’s tremendous success. Check it out here:

Additionally, I’ve got designs on several more much shorter articles that I’m planning to put out before the show’s Season 8 premiere on April 14th. I’m going to post links to my articles on an additional page here as soon as I get the chance to build another page for that on the website.

So all is well here at Rowelit. Lot’s is happening fast, so stay tuned and hopefully soon you’ll be in the company of many interested fellow readers.

I hope all is well with you and yours!


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