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Author's Commentary: "Age of Deception"

“Age of Deception” comes out of the theme “Planetary Civil War,” which also covered wars like this one—splinter civilizations from the same society who’ve gone out into the stars and now find themselves at odds. Throughout this series, there have been brushes with this conflict on the peripheral—“Refuge” and “The Light in Heavy Basin” come to mind. I’d thought about the long West Battery war, but I hadn’t really explored how it began. So this week, I did just that.

Without giving anything away, I tried to make the story compelling enough before the outbreak of battle that it piques interest without actual combat happening on the page. I was hoping to tell a story of ordinary people walking a path that is largely set for them by forces they cannot control. If there is a story about war truer than that, I don’t know it.

So here begins the West Battery War. I hope it engages!

Thanks for reading.


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