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Book, E-Book & Audiobook by P.E. Rowe

It’s the space adventure you’ve always wanted with the crew you never expected.

When Hale Burch lost both his legs and an arm at the height of the West Battery War, he doubted if he’d even make it to rehab, much less back to the Service of the Lettered Systems he’d sworn to defend. But this new chapter in his life was destined to be far different from anything he’d bargained for. Alongside the galaxy’s most unlikely gang of compatriots, Burch was about to partake in missions he couldn’t possibly have fathomed. His new ship, the Yankee-Chaos—a beat-up, mid-sized troop transporter—had a secret that made it unique in the galaxy. And her crew, like Burch, were all looking for a place to belong, some space to heal, and a mission that was meaningful.

Before long, an apocalypse, a mysterious alien artifact, a timelord at the center of the galaxy, an ageless terrorist wizard, the galaxy’s deadliest special operator, an ancient Prime AI, and the daughter of the most powerful politician in the history of the human race all somehow end up crossing paths with Burch and the Yankee-Chaos—all in the first four log entries!

Follow along with Hale Burch and his new friends as they try to unravel the mystery of the origins of the West Battery War, a mission so complex and perplexing no single episode, chapter, book, nor even a single timeline could possibly hope to contain it.

The Misfits are here, and the galaxy will never be the same!

The Misfits

Book I

  1. The Misfits

  2. Archaeologix

  3. Wizard of Athos

  4. Dark Swarm

  5. Proper Company

  6. Drop Mine

  7. Archangel

  8. Murder Mill

  9. Helicon

  10. Target

  11. Welcome to the Future

  12. Safe Returns

  13. The Actual War

  14. The Ancients

  15. Old Folks

  16. Athos

Book I Stories:

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