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When a young Army researcher finds an anomalous code in the Pentagon's AI servers, it begins an adventure leading to a lifelike AI developed by an elusive MIT genius programmer, his Nobel-Prize-winning protege, the heart of the International Space Agency, and a host of fantastic full-immersion virtual reality environments. But the code isn't just in the Army's servers; other perceptive people have begun to notice as well.


Singularity is the first novel in the Last Horizon series, set in the late 21st Century. What will become of the creators of our new technological landscape once they open Pandora's box, and will they even know it when they have?


When Damini Desai-Singh receives an unexpected visit from an old professor, she finds herself embroiled in a grand conspiracy masterminded by the world’s most famous AI programmer and several of the most powerful figures on Earth. The journey that follows is so vast and far-reaching that it will challenge the very boundaries of human capability.


Oblivion is the second, concluding novel in the Last Horizon series. You'll learn the truth behind the blackout and the mysterious code and their connection to Dodds and Lydia. Sprawling in its scope and philosophical foundations, Oblivion visits realms home to nanoparticles, interstellar space travel, and godlike AI.



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If you're not quite sure you'd like to dive all the way into the Last Horizon storyworld, please check out these stories that happen on the periphery of the main storylines. They'll give both a flavor of the larger narrative and are all compelling in their own right.

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