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Sci-Fi Shorts Collected Volumes

All these stories are already on the internet, Rowe! So why would you sell collections of them? So glad you asked, because I was hoping for the opportunity to explain the thinking before I get accused of stupidity, chicanery, or some kind of grift. It’s all here in the open, as transparent as I can be. I just do things a little differently in case you hadn’t noticed!


Here’s my thinking. I want these weeklies to be available here and on other platforms for any and all positive purposes—enjoyment, literacy programs, writing education, literary scholarship 😊—however people choose to interact with them as long as they’re respecting the intellectual property (no adaptations or resale without permission, ordinary Intellectual Property stuff).


But I would also like to eat. I have a support page, and that’s one way you can help if so inclined. In addition, these collections accomplish the following:


  1. Offer you something tangible and cool for a modest donation

  2. I’m a content creator, yes, but I’m still an author—books are still great

  3. Both book and audiobook forms are ad-free, so this is a good way to get your favorite stories without any annoying interruptions from me asking you to subscribe or ads from the platform

  4. Make for a convenient and entertaining companion on plane rides, long drives, hikes, and jobs that allow headphones

  5. Can catch you up on the series like a slightly more literary Netflix binge

  6. Make a great gift to a reader you really like

  7. It’s kinda like buying a CD at a show you see, and you think, I don’t even have a CD player anymore, but hell, I really like this band!

  8. You get the idea. You’re smart.


These collections will always be modestly priced, and unless I run into some unforeseen legal reason or platform rule that precludes me from continuing down this errant path, the stories will still be here and elsewhere for free.


Hope this helps to clarify. Welcome to my merch table! Thanks for dropping by 😊

Sci-Fi Collections: Welcome
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Sci-Fi Weeklies Collection I

Stories in this Collection:

Preservation Falls


The Futility of Cycling      

Playing the Sondomme    

The Prospectors  


Empress of Shadow   

To Geddes    

Dark Station


How to Disappear Completely

The Light in Heavy Basin

Sci-Fi Collections: Welcome
Upscaled Audiobook.jpg

Sci-Fi Weeklies Collection II

Stories in this Collection:

Lime Harbor




The Next Layer          

The Lights of Guldenberg     

Kappa Salvage

Kappa Paradox          

More Lies in Darkness          

Stewards of the Drawdown   



The Numbers Between 9 & 8

The Rings of Floriston          

Sci-Fi Collections: Welcome
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