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Sci-Fi Shorts
Collection IV


Bird on Mars
and Other Stories

Sci-Fi Shorts Vol. IV


Leaping in space and time between near-future Earth and the distant reaches of our galaxy far in the future, this fourth installment of Sci-Fi shorts by P.E. Rowe covers rich territory. Each of these sixteen stand-alone stories explores deep ideas and unique characters. From new concepts in technology and their societal implications, to the personal journeys of people crossing forbidden cultural boundaries, meeting grave galactic challenges, and battling monsters within.


This expansive collection introduces readers to the reclusive shipbuilders of the Eden Cylinder Group; the grotesque bug-eating gulmotids; the merciless interstellar pirates of the Boundary Systems; the greatest living artist in all the Battery worlds; the most courageous stowaway ever carried off by an interstellar city; the AI anthropologist who believes himself to be haunted by human ghosts; and even the cleverest little Bird on Mars.


With each stop, the reader will gain a greater sense of our grand human journey into this phenomenal galaxy, all through the prism of individual human stories embedded in the era and place they inhabit.

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