My fiction covers a wide range of topics, genres, themes, and target audiences. Ideally, there's something of value for everyone in all the stories I write. Great stories should be accessible to a broad audience, and that's what I strive to do with my fiction. My hope is that there's a story for you here somewhere, even if it's not the first one you encounter. Some are character-based and literary, some aim to explore deep ideas, events, and life-altering situations, some are written to be fun, easy reading.


Riley Basile is just hoping to get through another day at high school when weird things start happening. Gaps begin to appear in her memory, and she can’t quite control her behavior. It’s all a precursor to a severe neurological condition none of the doctors she sees can diagnose. Before long she’s losing days and then weeks with only memories of vivid dreams filled with strange recurring characters and fantastic landscapes. Sleeping Ugly is a story about how we, almost impossibly, learn to cope with impossible situations. A tale of witches, demons, bird queens, and fun-loving grizzly bears. In Riley’s world, Wonderland has teeth.


Lacy and Marcus Brathmore are working their way up to a solo mountain trek in the Andes by honing their skills on progressively more difficult and isolated terrain. They step out into the lonely Northern Canadian Rockies hoping to test their resolve against new hazards, only to find a larger and different obstacle than they could have imagined.


It’s New Orleans circa 1900, and Lenore Etive is struggling to make ends meet. She’s been let go by the grandmother of the wealthy children she cared for following the sudden death of their mother. Lenore’s soldier husband is away and has largely stopped sending money home. Her only hope is to approach the grieving husband to ask for help securing work elsewhere, and he’s in no state to help anyone. If some character names and events seem familiar, you might have read about them before in a little novel titled The Awakening.


Title is the preview. Seriously, it’s really short. Read the story.


Austin awakens to find himself in the woods with no idea how he got there or even where there is. As he staggers back towards civilization, he begins to come to grips with the choices he has made to put himself at the bottom, only he discovers he isn’t nearly as close to rock-bottom as he thought. To get there, one needs help from terrible and often terrifying people.


After an unexpected and very much unwanted marriage proposal during her senior year of college, Elizabeth decides to pursue the type of adventure a marriage would have made difficult. On a whim, she decides to teach English in Japan. But she soon finds that navigating an entirely new and foreign culture isn’t all fun, excitement, and novel culinary experiences. There are real barriers—linguistically, culturally, and personally—some of which might just be too difficult to master.


When Ivy McKinnes moves to an upscale apartment in a luxury high-rise following a promotion, she finds that she hasn’t totally escaped the nuisance of noisy neighbors. She begins to overhear things from her upstairs neighbor that she soon wishes she could un-hear, and she goes to the worst possible place for commiseration and advice—the internet.

Martinis on the Bar

Raconteur and social fixer Kapp is at it again, chatting everyone up and getting the party started. When he drags a reluctant orthodontist into the mix he’s expecting to see the good doctor loosen up and have a good time, but when that happens things don’t quite go as planned.