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"Surviving an Apocalypse"

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"Using Asteroids as Spaceships"

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"AI in Cognitive Decline"

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"Dropships & Drop Pods"

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"Super Soldiers"

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"Life on Giant Moons"

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"Farming on Mars"

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"Artificial Afterlives"


"Bioships & Space Whales"

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"Your Own Personal Spaceship"

Rowe's Picks

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"Rogue Planets & Unusual Friendships"

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"Alien Imposters & Doppelgangers"

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"Earth After Humanity"


"Hungry Aliens"

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"Space Homesteading"

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"Life as a Planetary Explorer"

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"Planetary Civil war"

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"Surveying for Habitable Star Systems"

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"Virtual Utopias"

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"Traveling around Other Worlds"

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I took a hiatus from writing sci-fi during my MFA program. As much as I love the genre, it just didn't mesh with the personal and artistic lessons I was trying to learn through the MFA grind. Over the past few years, I've been ruminating on a series of sci-fi novels, the first of which is forthcoming (The Lifeboat). More so than my Last Horizon series, this series takes itself a little more seriously and attempts to stay more in the realm of hard sci-fi than my earlier stories. And being a writer, not a physicist (or scientist of any kind for that matter), I needed a lot of help with many of the concepts portrayed in the story. I was lucky to find Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur, which would easily be one of my favorite YouTube channels even if I didn't write sci-fi. Isaac's ability to grasp, explain, and -- even more impressively -- frame very difficult concepts in science in ways that are entertaining and easy-to-follow helped to make research for my latest space adventure much more approachable than it would otherwise have been. So this project -- writing a fictional story of the week writing toward Isaac's inspiring topics -- I'm hoping will be a way to keep the fictional juices flowing while offering up an homage to one of my favorite creators at the same time.

I'm fully prepared to get a lot of things wrong in the process, especially the science. You're going to faceplant quite a bit along the way as a writer. Anyone who's ever been in a workshop will understand the reality of the scrutiny that comes with a discerning readership. And the timeline and public nature of this project makes it seem a bit like running across a tightrope with no net. If I do some good things in the storytelling and writing department and entertain a few readers/listeners along the way, I'll be happy. Thanks for joining me in the process!

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