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Sci-Fi Shorts
Collection III

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Age of Deception
and Other Stories

Sci-Fi Shorts Vol. II

As much a history as it is a book of sci-fi tales, the third volume of weekly shorts by P.E. Rowe brings us deeper into the Post-Columnar Epoch. Each of these fifteen stand-alone stories fits within a rich tapestry depicting a sector of the Milky Way that came to be known as the Battery Systems. For returning readers, places like Athos, Iophos, and Hellenia may be familiar, while new places like the Columns, Charris, and Exos have merely been hinted at before. Here, they are explored in depth through stories that reveal the peoples in them.


This chronologically-organized collection introduces readers to the insulated people of the Columns; the expansive colony-builders of Charris; the ingenious engineers of the planetary rings around Athos and Iophos; the steadfast fighters of the West Battery War; the humanitarians and the displaced children of that turbulent conflict; and many of the ancient virtual minds that accompany us humans through these marvel-filled millennia.


With each stop, the reader will gain a greater sense of the grand human journey into our phenomenal galaxy, all through the prism of individual human stories embedded in the era and place they inhabit.


Note: All stories in these collections are freely available here on this page.

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Stories in this Collection:

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"Automated Economies & Unemployment"

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"Post-Science Civilizations"

Sci-Fi Thumbnails WIX (SQ).jpg

"Alien Imposters & Doppelgangers"

Sci-Fi Thumbnails WIX (SQ).jpg

"Grabby Aliens"

Sci-Fi Thumbnails WIX (SQ).jpg

"Alien Environments"

Sci-Fi Thumbnails WIX (SQ).jpg

"Deep Space Habitats"

Sci-Fi Thumbnails WIX (SQ).jpg

"Absent Megastructures"

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"The First Space Settlement"

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"The Silurian Hypothesis"

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"Primitive Aliens"

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"Dumbest Alien Invasions"

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"Staying Sane in Space"

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"Tethered Rings"

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