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Toward the topic: "Stranded on an Alien World"

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Author's Commentary: "Tomorrow Next Year"

As much as it sounds like it might be a cool adventure to be stranded on an alien world, I imagine reality would sting a bit more and not seem all that adventure-laden once you crossed the survival threshold. Think castaway minus the coconuts and probably even fire.

The good thing, though is that if you’re stranded there, you probably got there in a vessel that can keep you alive in space, so as long as the landing isn't that hard, you’ve probably got a fighting chance. I can think of two examples off the top of my head in Enemy Mine and Stargate Universe. The most important question, in my story this week, as in other examples, is probably always going to be where are you stranded and with whom. Hardships are going to largely depend on those two factors, I think. In the case of company, it can be good, bad, or absent, with the worst case scenario probably being no company. Even bad company will eventually lead to minimal cooperation just out of sheer necessity, which would probably mean some socialization as well. As far as the setting goes, well, that’s largely everything, isn’t it? If too hostile, you won’t be stranded long.

Personally, I think I’d take the desert island. At least you get the soothing sound of the waves, maybe a coconut or two, and the much higher likelihood of a passing ship. If you’re really lucky, a volleyball might wash up on shore so you have a friend.

Consider this my message in a bottle. Maybe I’ll answer it year!


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