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Author's Commentary: "Preservation Falls"

This week’s  theme: “Traveling Around Other Worlds” is so giant—with billions of other worlds in our galaxy alone—that it offers a pretty free hand for an author to frame just about any story in any way they chose, so long as a character is traveling and doing so on another world than their own. I’m sure in the body of science and sci-fi I’m not the first to conceive of this mode of “traveling,” and maybe Isaac will even offer a similar technique to collect information on so many star systems in his episode. I had not read about such a strategy or seen it anywhere in fiction (though it’s probably out there), so I decided my traveling character should employ such a solution to covering so many star systems in their travels. I also found myself walking in the woods thinking about what a being like this might think of a being like us.

Hope you enjoy the story!


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