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Author's Commentary: "Top Sushi"

I didn’t ever envision a “Culicidae” sequel, but it’s fair to say I didn’t envision any of these “comedy” stories before weird and crazy topics popped up. Hungry aliens, I knew would have to have something to do with those crazy visitors who came and took away all our beautiful mosquitoes and poison ivy 😊 I knew they would definitely bug-eaters, because obviously, bugs are for lizards and aliens. Bleck!

One of the fun things about doing a new story every week is that you never quite know what headspace you’ll be operating in from week to week. One week it’s mega-telescopes and memory loss, the next it’s Jackie Earmuffs and gulmotids and sushi! So if I go a bit crazy on these comedy stories, it’s only because the serious ones require so much, well, seriousness not to break that meta wall. With these comedy stories, I try to get as ridiculous as I can while I can and hope that some people other than myself find it at least mildly amusing. I think one of my favorite lines that maybe I’ve ever written is now: “Damn, Jackie Earmuffs. You are some kind of freak!” That is one that I imagine would have a low statistical probability of ever being composed. Yet, there it is. Isn’t fiction amazing!

So I had a little fun poking at a few things. One weird contemporary issue. Academia—per usual. And I think maybe the restaurant business a little, but not overly so. Probably any genuine artist of a chef will be able to relate a little to the sentiment of Mr. Domingo, because even if you are a top chef, you’ve had to work your way up through a lot of kitchens, and probably very few of them cater to connoisseurs worthy of an artist’s touch. So I’ll bet just about every chef knows the feeling of cooking for an unappreciative crowd. Maybe not. I thought that was a fun element to explore, though.

Anyway, the spring has arrived in the north country. So the sooner I write this and upload the sooner I’ll be walking in the green woods to celebrate another story! Hope your week goes nearly as well.

Thanks for reading and listening!


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