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Toward the topic: "The Future of Archeology / Space Archaeology"

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Author's Commentary: "Archaeologix"

Every time an archeologist gets involved things get a little weird at RoweLit. My first space archeology story, "Empress of Shadow," got big and should have taught me the lesson to shorten these “shorts,” and to avoid space archeology at all costs! Here I am again, and I’ve gone and written what I guess amounts to a short novella or a very long short story on the very same theme! And another (or maybe the same) godlike alien snuck in somehow too.

In the interim, I explored the Kappa artifact on two separate expeditions, so, apart from Athos (and Earth), the Kappa Artifact may be the most visited site in these weeklies. I wish I could tell you what it is, but I’m in the same boat as my characters. It’s weird. It does funny things with time. Trillions of people live in there. Don’t mess with it.

If I’m being honest as the writer of these stories, I sometimes wish I had another couple days. Usually that’s just so I can more closely examine what I’ve created, which is very difficult to tell in the blur of writing, editing, reading, editing, and creating thumb “art.” Some weeks I feel that more than others, and this is one of those weeks. Working the Kappa stories back into this story seemed organic to me, but it also seemed like a lot, and I have very little gauge for when I’m throwing too much at the reader, especially as most will be unfamiliar with those other stories (I think).

What I definitely don’t regret about this story is how the characters grew to appreciate one another despite a rough beginning compounded by very different backgrounds. I’m always hopeful that I can put a human spirit into characters, and I really hope this story succeeds for readers/listeners in the way it seemed to for me as I was writing.

Was that real, by the way. Did you go anywhere, Rowe? Stop messing with that Kappa Artifact, man!

Hope you enjoyed the trip that was (or wasn’t, depending on your perspective). Thanks for coming along!


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