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Author's Commentary: "Drop Mine"

Drop Mine! This wasn’t supposed to go down like this ;( But you had two weeks, Rowe? What’s your problem? I had totally envisioned a nice little Misfits story with two alternating threads—one with Carolina and Transom, and the other with Burch and company going into Trasp territory with Reggie. But, oh, was that an ill-fated plan (or maybe a secret genius plan from the Muse, telling me that I needed to broaden the story). In any case, I got about 4000 words in and realized I was only to about half an act into each of the stories. All these Misfits stories take about 10,000 words. And the space tower was at the Drop Mine. Plus, I think there’s a little more investment in Carolina’s story right now as she drills down to Dreeson family secrets and the origin of the war. Another boring currier mission for Burch and Rishi? I know, that’ll never hold. Something’s obviously going to happen.

I say all this to say (after 500 words of rambling) that Carolina and Transom are in. They have to be at least honorary Misfits now. Personally, I’m going to treat them as official Misfits, for my part. The bonus of having this week’s plan fall apart like that is that next week, we’ve already got the makings of another high-tension Misfits adventure! Number seven already. Some series only have 8 episodes. Not this one! We’ve got a whole sector of the galaxy to explore.

Part of what I love about this pairing of Transom and Carolina as characters on a shared mission is that they have a weird set of complementary personalities. I don’t want to dive too deep into that here, because the story is really where it needs to live. But it is fun to see the socialite with a kind streak meet the black ops killer with a streak of the unpredictable. I predict they will bring out some very interesting facets of each other’s personalities.

Now it’s time for a nap. I feel like I was in a bunker with a bunch of rocks getting kicked around the room all night.

Next week, more Misfits!

Thanks for reading/listening.


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