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Toward the topic: "Alien Imposters & Doppelgangers"

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Author's Commentary: "Failsafe"

This week, I went for the Sci-Fi Sunday topic “Alien Imposters & Doppelgangers” on this episode, because I really wanted to challenge myself with the “Post Science” topic next week and already did a pretty deep dive into “Grabby Aliens,” which (spoiler alert) may or may not tie in to this week’s story as well.

This week’s topic was fun, and has some deep tropey waters that will probably never quit. I couldn’t help but think about the classic “evil twin” of soap opera fame. And probably the writers on TNG couldn’t either when they thought up Lore, and like every other sci-fi series that opens up a dimensional portal. There’s even a classic South Park episode complete with eight-year-old goateed doppelgangers. I sincerely hope Isaac goes there 😊

I went in a little different direction. There’s more here than just doppelganger hijinks: AI races, numbering at least two, memory transcription, weird semi-human mediums, you name it. Come to think of it, I really played the doppelganger thing down. But that only leaves more room for me to play that card later when you least expect it!

Hope this one is fun for you as well!


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