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Toward the topic: "Surveying for Habitable Interstellar Star Systems"

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Author's Commentary: "To Geddes"

This chapter in Julian Hartsock’s autobiography finds him at a point in his life where he’s personally wealthy beyond a scope most people can imagine. The Florida Space Ladder has been operating for several years now, and A & A is working on construction of the Osaka Space Lift to bring Earth’s second space tower to completion. The wealth and power allow Julian to explore new ideas in ways that can both lead to game-changing innovations, but it can also leave him stumbling into hazards he was oblivious to. This week’s theme “Surveying for Habitable Interstellar Star Systems” was a good topic for Geddes. How did they find her? And how did they know they wanted to go there? That’s what got the story started, but really, it was more a mystery that brought them down that path, and a mysterious character who could help explain the mystery.

Hope you enjoy!


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