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Sci-Fi Shorts
Collection I

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The Prospectors

and Other Stories

Sci-Fi Shorts Vol. I

Readers will encounter ingenious, world-shaping engineers; mind-bending God-like aliens; unfathomably massive space megastructures; ancient, super-intelligent hive minds; and a host of adventurous humans, struggling to negotiate the amazing storyscapes in this first collection of sci-fi stories from author P.E. Rowe.

This fictional tour of our amazing galaxy will introduce readers to peerless musicians on the planetary rings around the gas giants Athos and Iophos, the dusty prospectors of Damon Mines, the reclusive settlers on the hidden space colony Denera, and even a cupcake-craving, fun-loving federation of comical aliens in the Scutum-Centaurus arm of the Milky Way. You might even learn how a space elevator gets built!

For all the ways this expansive collection reaches out, the beating heart at the center of every story is a human one—characters struggling to find their place in their time with the people around them who matter most.

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Note: All stories in these collections are freely available here on this page.

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Stories in this Collection:

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"Traveling Around Other Worlds"

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"Is the Technological Singularity Inevitable?"

Sci-Fi Thumbnails WIX (SQ).jpg

"Interstellar Probes"

Sci-Fi Thumbnails WIX (SQ).jpg

"Megastructure Compendium"

Sci-Fi Thumbnails WIX (SQ).jpg

"Life as a Planetary Explorer"

Sci-Fi Thumbnails WIX (SQ).jpg

"Extragalactic Sanctuaries"

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"Godlike Aliens"

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"Surveying for Habitable Interstellar Star Systems"

Sci-Fi Thumbnails WIX (SQ).jpg

"Dark Sky Stations"

Sci-Fi Thumbnails WIX (SQ).jpg

"Alien Refugees"

Sci-Fi Thumbnails WIX (SQ).jpg

"What are Ancestor Simulations, and are we living in one?"

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"Lost Space Colonies"

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