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Author's Commentary: "The Light in Heavy Basin"

Sometimes things get a little smaller when your arms are still sore from the last home run cut😊

Initially, I started the idea for this week's story with a spinoff from last week's, but then last week's story ended on what seemed such a final note that I decided to go in a different direction. If you're like me and you think we might go out into the stars some day, it's hard not to think that will be an ever proliferating prospect as the centuries roll by. This means an almost inexhaustible set of places, circumstances, and societies in which to set a near infinite number of stories. Some should be so alien as to almost not be human. Some should seem so familiar they could be set in the next county...Kalb County perhaps?

There was definitely something about this one that reached back in time as it reached forward, and in a very different way from last week's, hopefully echoing in a pleasant albeit familiar way.

Hope you enjoy!


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