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Author's Commentary: "Dark Station"

This week, we check in with one of the passengers—and a key crew member—aboard the interstellar ship Precipice from my upcoming novel The Lifeboat. Lee Hriniak is a character marked by her competence and diverse skill set. She’s an ace in space, and she has been for quite some time. But when you have a novel with a decent size cast of characters, from the author’s perspective, there’s never enough time to delve too deeply into everyone. This was a good opportunity to dive into Lee’s backstory a little. I also thought it would be interesting to explore the idea of coming back to gravity after being in space for a while. There are probably only a handful of people alive currently who can speak to this, but I imagine it’s not very fun for the first few days. I know they’ve gotten better at managing this, but as I understand it, there are still limits to how long we can live in zero-G without the effects taking their toll. For Lee, who loves space so much, it seemed an apt thing to do to flee the weight of the Earth both literally and figuratively. But as Lee figures out the hard way, it catches up to you eventually.

Hope you enjoy this part of Lee's Story!


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