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Toward the topic:   "Alien Refugees"

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Author's Commentary: "Refuge"

Okay, so the minute the SFIA video came out, I realized I’d missed topically. For some reason, I got it wrong in my head a few weeks back when I wrote down the topic for this week. I’m pretty sure what happened was Isaac said: “Alien Refugees,” and Rowe heard: “Space Refugees,” so I wrote a story about a space refugee—one human from a space colony becoming a space refugee on another world. A happy mistake maybe? Maybe. Who knows what the other story could have been? I do know what this one is though, a story about a space refugee.

This is the first visit to Carrol’s Star, which has been referenced a few times in other stories. So I guess this story universe is getting another blank spot filled in. “Refuge” is a little heavy, so I’m going to go to the well on the Sci-Fi Sunday series early this month and tackle the “Dumbest Alien Invasions” topic next week with my attempt at the dumbest one I can come up with in a week. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this one.


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