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Toward the topic: "Primitive Aliens"

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Author's Commenary: "Becoming"

This story, like last week’s, is another sequel (or prequel) as it so happens. A prequel that goes waaayyy back in time. Fittingly, it pairs up nicely with the Sci-fi Sunday episode from last month. I’m taking a liberty here, but I think it’s a fair one. Isaac puts out 5 videos a month including the Sci-fi Sunday episodes. I feel like that episode topic is a can’t-miss for me. If I’m doing sci-fi based on his episodes, I can’t miss the sci-fi specific topics. So what I’ve done with these first three months of this project is to pick three of the four regular weekly episodes to write to and to replace the fourth with the Sci-Fi Sunday topic. That’s why I’m a few weeks behind Isaac’s video on this and not doing a black hole story today.

The story this is based on was last month’s Sci-Fi Sunday story “Stewards of the Drawdown.” This one is the er…draw up? The how those aliens came to be here in the first place. They came down to a familiar-feeling planet and got themselves knee-deep in a mess with these crazy ape-like creatures who, much like the hobbits of the shire, liked their mushrooms an awful lot 😊

One thing I am noticing that I probably should have expected but didn’t is that after quite a few weeks, certain themes, places, characters, ideas, seem to be coalescing into much larger storyworlds. I should have seen this coming, but it only makes sense that in writing so many stories, threads would be left hanging off, creating ideas for new stories or avenues to explore.

It was a crazy week trying to get this one done, but I’m enjoying keeping this challenge going.

Hope it’s fun on the other end too!


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