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Author's Commentary: "Lime Harbor"

I did not plan a two-week hiatus. That got planned for me in the grand cosmic design, by way of that thing that’s been going around for two years now, which miraculously, somehow I’d escaped until mid-October 2022. I’m grateful that I got version 5.0 and not original recipe, as it turned out to be more to grapple with than I figured it would be at this point, but more than anything, for my purposes, it took the starch out of my voice, which, to some extent, still hasn’t fully recovered. I couldn’t go another week without uploading a story, so if you’re an audiophile who listens, you’ll be able to hear some of the things I’m not loving about the story’s audio this week. Nonetheless, I’m grateful to be back with a new story.

The theme, “Refueling Our Sun,” I took some liberty with, by making the “sun” in question very much not “our sun” but more of a “sunlike” star somewhere in the Battery systems (Aldura to be precise). One thing about writing a new story every week is that you come to like some more than others, and it’s probably not in my best interest (at least in terms of self-promotion) to note when I’m not crazy about one of my stories—especially since I’ve written stories that I haven’t loved that I’ve gotten really good feedback on. This week’s story, though, I really liked. I liked the theme, the main plot elements (elements of the stranger, a quest, goal, mild danger, dilemma, romance), and the setting was, in my mind, a very cool place with an interesting backstory. I’m hoping readers and listeners like it as much as I do, even if my raspy voice made for sub-optimal audio on my reading.

I know I probably have the science of refueling a star wildly incorrect, which I will be sure to reflect deeply on when I finally get to watching Isaac’s video 😊. I hope this story finds you and yours in good health, as I now feel like I am again. Grateful for that and your readership. I hope you enjoyed the story!


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