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Last Horizon, Stories and Novels


When a young Army researcher finds an anomalous code in the Pentagon's AI servers, it begins a trip down the rabbit hole leading to a lifelike AI developed by an elusive MIT genius programmer, his former student, the international space agency, and a host of full-immersion virtual reality environments. But the code isn't just in the Army's servers; other perceptive people have begun to notice as well.

Mask in the snow

A story set in the Last Horizon storyworld occurring just over a decade before the opening to the epic. This epistolary confessional explores the backstory of the researchers building the foundational technology to the direct neural interlinks that allow for full-immersion Virtual Reality. Delve into the ethics of human computer interfacing with Lily Brandt, the hacker who helped make it possible.

Cello 2

Julie Mikhauer has worked her entire career to build Strong AI, and she's had no reservations about the consequences thus far. When her team puts real resources in the hands of their brainchild Lydia, the result is not at all what Jules expects.


Johns Hopkins researcher and surgeon Dr. Lewis Andon gets a visit from some shadowy government agents. Their strange request sends the skeptical doctor on a trip to Mexico to determine the truth behind a renegade researcher's unbelievable viral video.


All great progress means sacrifice, and in the process of bringing automated medicine to Indonesia, one of the brightest minds in the field is lost. We follow the aftermath from the perspective of Dr. Terence Earl, one of Amy's mentors and oldest colleagues. He and the field team struggle to come to grips with Amy's sudden, violent end and the hole that it will inevitably leave in both their hearts and in their field.

LH2 Thumbnail.jpg

Oblivion is the second, concluding novel in the Last Horizon series. You'll learn the truth behind the blackout and the mysterious code and their connection to Dodds and Lydia. Sprawling it its scope and philosophical foundations, Oblivion visits realms home to nanoparticles, interstellar space travel, and godlike AI.

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