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The Rings of Floriston

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Toward the topic: "Tethered Rings"

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Author's Commentary: "The Rings of Floriston"

I had never heard of the concept of tethered rings until I saw the topic come up at the end of one of Issac’s videos. It was so obscure to me, I had to look it up. And wow! These are so cool. I haven’t watched Isaac’s video at the time of this write-up, so I have no idea if his take will be the same, but I love the potential for this structure. That doesn’t mean it’s automatically going to produce a good story. In fact, it wasn’t immediately self-evident where the story was going to come from. Structures don’t inherently yield a story. They make a good setting, though 😊, so I went with that. I also took the concept to what I thought was the next logical step—sky net—Oh crap! Not that Skynet. Definitely not that kind of story.

I have a pattern going that I kinda like. When a story gets dark/sad/ominous/etc. I’ve been trying to follow it up with something light. That’s taken the form of “comedy” a couple times. This time it takes a different form, one that I’m not usually the author of, nor is it really a fixture in sci-fi.

Hopefully the result is uplifting!


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