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Author's Commentary: "The Numbers Between 9 & 8"

I'm not sure what Isaac's take on this one is going to be, but mine is that staying sane will be one of the most difficult challenges for humans in space if we go in biological form. It strikes me that sunlight, the ground beneath our feet, fresh air, gravity, trees, the smells of the Earth—all these things are vital to maintaining a healthy mental balance.

My (human) character in this week's story is doing his best, despite being deprived of most of those critical things. I also suspect that my (nonhuman) character provides a solution that might help with some of these obstacles. But of course, the solution comes with problems of its own.

And a callback to Earth and a scrivener? Surely you didn't go there, Rowe? And what the hell is a scrivener anyway? I could link a definition, sure. But, I would prefer not to. 😊

Lots to ponder with Isaac's topics, as always. Hope I didn’t go too far down the rabbit hole!


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