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Author's Commentary: "Proper Company"

As year 2 of this crazy project begins, my “New Year’s” resolution is to improve the quality of my narration. I’ve been struggling a bit lately with my voice, so I’ll be consulting some voice coaching. There are still a few rough patches in this story I wish were better, but I’d still like to stay on schedule and have a story out next week, which I wouldn’t be able to do if I re-recorded the bulk of this story. I think I have an idea of what the root of the problem is, so that’s the first part in fixing it.

I like how the story came out, though. I didn’t have a specific topic in mind, beyond “The Misfits,” which was good enough in my mind to justify a story. But I may have invented a type of indestructible computer processor, so maybe I’ll inspire a future SFIA 😊. I really enjoy this crew, so it’s always fun to write another Misfits episode. Initially, I hadn’t thought of bringing back Carolina, at least not so soon, and I definitely didn’t envision her and Transom in the same episode. But as I started the story, and Transom was still there, I think my attitude was the same as Rishi’s at the start of the story. It just felt like we weren’t done with Transom yet, and I’m glad we weren’t, because I love where the series could go because those two crossed paths. Hopefully the readers/listeners enjoy it as well.

I don’t have too much more to add except how much I hated missing the deadline. So I’m already on to Cincinnati so it doesn’t happen again.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you on time next week!


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